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Mansion Holiday Scarecrow Jack

Mansion Holiday Scarecrow Jack

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This is a handmade


Haunted Mansion Holiday Scarecrow Jack

*With Lights!


This is as close to the real deal as you could possibly get!

WHAT IS IT MADE OF: Hard durable PLA plastic (the frame) Entire prop has been fiberglassed to last! Hat and shirt are custom made fabric accessories

SIZE Approximately 4.5 feet tall (from bottom of feet to top of head, santa hat is an additional 2 feet tall)

WHO MADE IT? I made this entire prop from the ground up, the 3d models that these were made from were all created by me

THE STORY: I am a huge Disney fan and have taken the last year to research and study the attraction used prop to personally sculpt the most ACCURATE faithful recreation of the attraction used prop! This is the only set that I am making available and do not have any plans to create another any time soon

SHIPPING Ships in 3 to 5 weeks from order date (if you are local to southern california, I can deliver the prop personally) If you have any additional questions, please feel free to message me!

*this prop is fan made and is in no way associated with the Walt Disney Company or disney parks, it is a prop inspired by the attraction

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